Hadassador is all about breaking the barriers of fashion through non-conforming social standards such as racial diversity, sexual inclusivity, gender fluidity, and female empowerment. 

Designer Hadassa Dorcean created Hadassador in 2013, intending to cultivate a fashion movement towards political and social change. We aim to create fashion with a voice that allows you to express social activism through your clothing. It’s crucial, now more than ever, that we make our voices be heard in any way possible. For this reason, Hadassador is dedicated to produce high fashion pieces that embody and promote statements and symbols of feminism, racial and ethnic diversity, culture, self-love, and more. 

Our mission is not only to encourage your activism journey but to be a part of it. We want to create a community of all women who uplift one another as we create change together. 



Above all, the Hadassador woman is strong. She recognizes the hurdles placed in front of her, both personal and social, and overcomes them with confidence. She understands that without strength, she loses her essence in being the best version of herself. 


To aid in the fight for social and racial equality, the Hadassador woman recognizes the value of uplifting fellow women. More importantly, she does not pick and choose who to uplift but understands that we are all one, no matter race, disability, culture, etc.


Taking on the responsibility that is social activism, the Hadassador woman speaks her mind candidly. While she knows this could come off as defiant, she sees the importance of using her voice for change in every possible way. 




Hadassa Dorcean is a proud alumni of the High School of Fashion Industries, where she was taught the foundation of sewing and pattern making. Her love of style, design, sewing, and overall fashion led her to attend Fashion Institute of Technology, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Product Management. Through that program, Hadassa was able to specialize in apparel product development and supply chain management. This knowledge has allowed her to pursue the creation of Hadassador.

Creating Hadassador has provided Hadassa a platform for her to express her vision as a designer, an activist, and a sewing blogger. She loves sharing her sewing journey, design, style, and how it is all integrated into her life. Her goal is to create clothes and content that you'll enjoy integrating into your own life and style.


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