Boiler in the Summer

It's the first day of summer, and I post a look in an oversized boiler suit in camouflage print.

unzip sit.jpg

Don't judge me. However, this jumpsuit is so lightweight and I can never stray away from camo. And it's pretty. So there.

standing in camo.jpg

However, this camo boiler suit isn’t any plain boiler/utility jumpsuit. This one derived from my Babygirl 2019 collection and its definitely a piece that can be worn this summer.

It is in metallic jacquard, and as large as it looks, it's actually lightweight and should definitely be worn in warmer weather. (You'd be freezing in NYC if you wore this with nothing underneath in 55-degree weather or under!)

I gave it my street style flair, and wore it with a pair of comfortable Adidas Yeezy 700s in Utility Black. Unfortunately, it is sold out but you can still buy it through verified retailers such as GOAT (my favorite) and Stockx.

Click here to buy

Or here

yeezy 700 v2 vantas close up.jpg

Although, this jumpsuit derived from my Babygirl collection, its an exclusive piece and can not be recreated.

If you didn't know, my Babygirl collection was inspired by Aaliyah. She used to be a stylish icon in the late 90s and early 2000s of R&B/Hip Hop culture. She mixed femininity and masculinity very well. By her oversized pants or jumpsuits and pairing it with bralettes and crop tops.

This jumpsuit was particularly inspired by her oversized motorsport/utility themed jumpsuits she wore.

aaliyah jumpsuit2.jpg
aaliyah jumpsuit.jpg
close  up.jpg

My earrings are from Zara and decided throw a pop of color on my eyes, by wearing yellow eyeliner from NYX cosmetics.

Also according to the Trendspotter, one of the top 10 fashion trends for spring/summer 2019 is boiler suits. So if you want to make your own, I linked a couple great patterns below as well as a few dope jumpsuits I would purchase or look similar to mine.

Jumpsuit Sewing Patterns:

Fabrics Similar :

Jumpsuits to buy:

stool sittin.jpg

Let me know what you think of the look, and how I styled it.

Are any you wearing utility jumpsuits this summer?

How would you wear yours?