A Sparkle a Day

Do you believe a sparkly or metallic outfit is only meant to wear at night?


I used to think so but it’s 2019, and no one follows rules anymore. Social norms are being broken and that includes fashion as well.

There is no growth if we aren’t uncomfortable.

I made this simple dress with uncertainty because although this fabric was so beautiful, i thought to myself:

What could i make with this?

And whatever I made, where would i wear it?

And when would I wear this?

As a creator we hold ourselves back due to all the criticizing we do in our heads and the uncertainty of how others will receive our work. Something so simple such as a fitted slip dress out of glitter stretch knit, created all this ruckus thinking. However, that was the lesson in this; just do and stop thinking. Because it is SIMPLE.

ginger + glitter dress

With my bright ginger kinky fro, I threw on some heels and wore that sparkly dress on a hot summer day in NYC.

Baby, I sparkle.

pi k/purple glitter dress and black heels