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5 Ways I Style my Own Designs: The Fire Top

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5 Ways I Style my Own Designs: The Fire Top

A lot has been going on in this year, 2019. I started with a mission goal in mind to make this year, the best of all my creative ideas. I was always holding myself back by having so much projects and innovative new things I wanted to do but letting my anxiety, procrastination and laziness, (yes, let's be honest, we get lazy) suppress my initiative to execute these ideas.

Well look no further, this post is my first blog post of the year, and there shall be more. I want to be more expressive and more transparent with my creativity. I’m hoping to provide content that showcases my style, artistry and talent. And not for the enjoyment of others but for myself. Sort of like, documenting my creative journey.

This year, I kicked it off with my newest collection from my brand, HADASSADOR ,(if you didn't know), inspired by one of my favorite musical (and stylish) icons, Aaliyah. I let her music, her personality and her stylish flair, influence my ideas on femininity, female empowerment and style functionality.

These pieces were geared towards women who like a comfortable fit but still want to be seen, make a statement and get out on the streets and be themselves. Yes, it may sound cliche, but who doesn't want to wear clothes that are comfy, stylish and express who they are?

2019 is definitely the year of self exploration. Start caring for yourself, and showcase who you really are and what you're about.

So I took it on myself (as a woman who is repurposing her personal style and embodying how I look/the skin I am in) to create 5 ways I would wear the "FIRE" top from the Babygirl Collection.

This exaggerated bell sleeve graphic crop top comes in 5 color variations with the graphic design text "HOT LIKE FIRE" inspired from one of Aaliyah's top singles, Hot Like Fire.

Tell me what you guys think of these looks.

Are you going to be purchasing FIRE top?

And how would you style your own?

Couldn't decide to roll up or roll down the pant, so I kept it that way.




Turtleneck Top : Thrifted




Coat Mine is from UNIQLO and its out of season, however, I linked you guys to a similar coat.


Jeans Mine are from Forever 21 and Out of Season but I linked you guys to something similar.


Hot like fire indeed! Would you guys be interested in the top with out the graphic design as well?

Let me know what you think.


Boots Not the exact pair Im wearing but very similar pair

Jeans (Similar pair, mine are from UNIQLO)